Trade Fair Roadrunners Awards Ceremony for 2014

The winners of the Roadrunners Awards were presented several prizes for the year
2014, the afternoon of January 9th, 2015 at the West End Grill-Cleburne, Texas.

The luncheon was sponsored by Derrick George owner of West End Grill, Neal Logan of Edward Jones Financial Advisors, and Jimmy Aiken Host of KCLE's Trade Fair Program. A group of folks gathering together from many cities. Having fun and enjoying life with one another once each year as Road Runners !

This year was the biggest and best Roadrunner get-together in Award history.
Tributes were paid to two of Trade Fair's well known and respected listeners lost to us,
Milly Vaughn and Smitty
honors given by Jimmy Aiken, Sheriff Bob Alford, and Dexter Baldwin of the East Cleburne Community Center.
A loss will be felt for these friends, but remaining in our memories.

Contributors to the the event among many were Jimmy Aiken, Neal Logan, Leroy Parker, Buddybux, Bob Baze, Kay Logan, Pat Conley, Rasheed Egypt, and others to the event seemingly enjoyed by all.

The winners of the "Polecat Poll" voted to be Roadrunner of the year 2014, were:
  • 1st Place- The Greasy Stranger @ 39 %

  • 2nd Place- Buddybux @ 38 %

  • 3rd Place- Kimberly @ 8 %

  • 4th Place- Margaret @ 4 %

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    Photos of participants and visitors may be seen below.  Enjoy !
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    Jimmy with
    Melissa Smith
    honoring Smitty

    Good turnout!

    Margaret receiving
    4th Place Award

    Jimmy with
    James Evens

    Neal presenting Kimberly
    with 3rd Place Award

    Neal presenting
    Buddybux with
    Runner Up Award

    Neal and
    The Greasy Stranger
    Roadrunner of the Year!

    Roadrunners enjoying
    Neal's jokes!

    Neal with
    Mr. Lake Godley
    Dead Cat Bounce
    Award Winner OR Loser!

    PWT as
    Crocodile Dundee!

    Leroy and
    better half Shirley

    Greasy Stranger
    and Buddybux

    Greasy Stranger
    and Buddybux...
    fight to the end!

    Lisa Calhoun trying
    to stir things up!

    Leroy..Executive Producer
    of Roadrunner Banquet

    Bob and Ethel Baze

    Bo and Mrs. Bo

    Milly Vaughn
    Memorial Award
    presented to Buddybux

    The Good Sheriff
    keeping an eye
    on Roadrunners!

    Sheriff Bob Alford
    and Buddybux

    My Mexican Friend..
    Uno Momento!

    Nailgun and Buddybux

    Neal put
    Charlie Bell
    to sleep
    while standing up!

    Dexter Baldwin,
    Annie Thompson,
    Jean Pickett,
    Bob and Ethel Baze

    Dexter Baldwin
    Dexter Baldwin's
    Tribute to Milly Vaughn

    Sheriff Alford's Tribute
    Sheriff Alford's
    Tribute to Milly

    Greasy Stranger
    James Evans
    showing Greasy Stranger
    the ropes!

    Master of Ceremonies
    Illustrious Master
    of Ceremonies

    Leroy Captivated
    Leroy Captivated
    by Jimmy's
    Oratory !
    Feel the Excitement
    Snzzzzz !!

    Roadrunner First Prize Clock
    ~ Roadrunner of 2014 ~
    Winner of First
    Place Prize
    Handmade Clock
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