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If you'd like to order customized metal art work from Pro Metal Designs,
just call 817-225-0516 and ask for Reigna! You can also email HERE.
Here are a few examples for UK fans,but feel free to come up with any idea
you have for your home,school,organization,sports team,club,or even your man cave!

Congratulations to the Kentucky Wildcats!
2012 National Champions

Click here to see the final seconds of the 2012
National Championship game that gave the 'Cats Number 8!!!!!

Being Texas Number 1 Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Fan,
I found it only right that my garage Bathroom be completely decorated with KY Wildcat's Memorabilia

Click on below thumbnails for larger pictures! As you can see above, my friend Kintucky Huny of Corbin, Ky, is a wildcats fan like I am!
Texas # 1 Wildcat Fan, Number 8 Babeee !!!!!

Texas # 1 Wildcat Fan
Number 8 Babeee !!!!!
Congratulations on #8 'Cats!!!

Outside my UK Garage Bathroom.
Congratulations on # 8 'Cats!!!
Custom Designed by Pro Metal Designs Thanks Ron!!!
Custom Designed by Pro Metal Designs
Thanks Ron !!!
8 is Great !!!
8 is Great !!!
Hoop on Bath Door to use while occupied
While contemplating my day,
I may have to move commode closer to Hoop.
Even my plunger has Ky logo
In case of Emergency,
For use on Opponents faces!
Interior bath  Wall with KY memorbilia Flyers and Banners

Need to find room
for a Tv in here to watch games!
Small part of UK collection. Non UK fans, use Texaco
                   station up the road about 5 miles.

Small part of UK Collection. Non UK fans
use Texaco Station up the road about 5 Miles!
KY Switch Plate, Soap dispensor, Hand Towels and Holders, and Ky Basketball Reading materials.
A Wildcat Fans Garage Bathroom
is his Castle!
Hope that isn't a U of L spy in the corner!

Hope that isn't a U of L spy in the corner!
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