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Welcome back, Nice to see you Again !

The website is being updated and remodeled while on hiatus, please excuse any glitches.
While the website pages are in transfer process, check back often as we may be down for a day or two, hopefully less than that.
I've discovered when you accidently point an electric cattle prod at the website designer and he backs into it, that is an excellent motivator.
Stay turned ya'll !


Click on this link to read the Cleburne Times Review article

By Jessica Pounds/

For three days, it was "He's not here." By Saturday, it was "He retired."
Well, it was pretty obvious I was not there, but retired? No I have not
retired, but let me tell you why I'm not there since, unfortunately, you can't
get a straight, honest answer by listening to Trade Fair.

I have no idea why Ward chose to mislead Trade Fair listeners instead of
just simply telling the truth right from the start. After all, he didn't afford
me the opportunity to say goodbye to listeners who have become like
family over the years. The chance to express my gratitude for a program
that I love to do...The chance to say Thank You for listening and
participating in a program I looked forward to broadcasting for over 40

As Bo always asks, "What's Really Going On?" Here's what really went on
after Trade Fair was over on Friday, May 22..Ward told me that since
funds were so tight, he had to let me go. He couldn't afford to pay me any
longer and that he would have to do pretty much everything at the station.
I told him I understood and you have to do what you have to do to survive.
He's taken on a tough job leasing the station and can't afford a
lot of overhead. Although it's tough to leave a job that I have loved to do
for so many years, I understand the realities of running a business and I
wish Ward, Trade Fair, and KCLE much success.

As Neal and I would often say, that's it in a nutshell! I just wish it had been
handled in a better manner and that I would have had a chance to tell all
of you "Goodbye." So, I guess I'm doing that now. "Goodbye" and thanks
for all those great memories, life long friendships, and your love and
support for over 40 years.

Remember, whatever I do in the future, you can keep up with me right
here in jimmyshangout. I'll be in touch. You keep in touch with me as well!


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