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One of Jimmy's wayward kittys up for re-homing went to a Trade Fair regular-PK
Since she already had a cat named TROUBLE, it was only fitting she name this one LOGAN !!

Originally she was going to name it Double-Trouble, but it worked out to be the same thing.
Thanks to this wonderful lady, Neal Logan can be in 2 places at once !!
Thanks PK
~ The other kitty must have heard what happened because he left for another house ~

Click images for larger view of PK, Logan, and Jimmy !

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For Jimmyshangout.com's fans, and listeners, an associate has provided a venue for the placement of items you wish to list for a short time, for those with access to computers. Currently in it's test phase, this we hope will add a place for listeners to place an ad with or without an image.

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Check out Websfactory.com's "Wanted Board" for listing items wanted, to Buy, Sell, or Give away your items. Limited to 3 items or less. Most favor this board if your ads are covering more than 1 category, and have no image to show.

It is important to read the guidelines, as the prior board was temporarily deleted. HERE.

The old link postings may still be seen and listings posted
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Earlier listings saved may be added as time permits.
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You may choose categories in which your items would be placed , see instructions on category pages from menu to prepare an image to include in your ad. This new venue acts in conjuction with your email program as you fill out and submit the form, HERE

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