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Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that you can now hear Jimmy Aiken's Trade Fair online!
Go to on your desktop or mobile device and click on Listen Live.
The program is on Monday through Friday from 10AM to Noon.
By the way, if you have any trouble connecting on your IPhone or IPad,
you can download a free app from the App Store....

In the App Store, search Puffin Web Browser Free and then download the app!

I'm excited about having the program now online so a lot more people can call in and listen in! Let me hear from you!
The phone numbers are 817-736-0344 or 817-736-0360.
Be sure to tell your friends and neighbors to join us!

As always, you can send me an email by going to

Thank You,

New Cleburne Times-Review article on Jimmy's return to the airwaves on KPIR Here !
If you have a business and would like to advertise with Jimmy,
please send an email here in the Hangout!

~ Don't miss Jimmy Aiken's Trade Fair and tell all your friends! ~

Check out the latest addition of photos from the Roadrunner get together
at the West End Grill held June 28th, 2015 HERE


Stay turned ya'll !


Visit my new Twitter page daily by clicking Menu Button above !

I'll be placing information about events between my website and my Twitter project ever so often... *********************************************************

~ Now 24 Hours a Day ~
Place your items on the Wanted Board HERE !

Several items visitors are looking for may be found and seen on Swapspot Here
or place on Swapspot by Email HERE !


Wondering if your jury has been cancelled in Johnson County?
Click Johnson Cty Public Service Information Here


Feel free to Click and Send Jimmy an Email Here

Love to all,
Your friend
      Jimmy Aiken

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