Links to Associates, Supporters, and Handy addresses !
After receiving requests from visitors on how to reach various websites, below are links to some of those requests.
  • SWAPSPOT-Website to place items for Sale, Trade, Buy, Giveaway

  • Old Pro Roofing on Facebook

  • Important announcement for Gas Well Royalty Owners !
    See if it applies to you. Local meetings scheduled HERE.

  •'s "Wanted Board" for listing items wanted.Limited to 3.
    Read the guidelines, then click "new entry. HERE.

  • New revised Do Not Call List information

  • Free Security Newsletter on latest computer scam,
    Bogus Tech Support Phone Calls here.
  • Comedian Ray Stevens Fun Video slams illegal immigration !

  • “Hello this is the IIAP, illegal immigration assistance program.
    A taxpayer funded division of Oaknut. For Spanish press one, Portuguese two, Arabic three,
    Farsi four, French five, Swahili six, German seven, Italian eight,
    and if you insist on English please stand by."

    See full verses of song with video HERE.

    OR..On You Tube HERE !

  • More Links to be added as received

  • EMAIL Comments to Webmaster HERE

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