"Welcome to The Cafeteria Lady's Road Kill Cafe !"
Where Lunch is just a Speed Bump away !
       Yumm....Yumm         If you have a favorite "Road Kill" recipe you'd like to share, you can email it to me. Perhaps it will show up on a "Road Kill Menu" some day !

WARNING Do NOT prepare any of these recipes without a professional food expert as some ingredients may be toxic and harmful to your health !

In West Virginia if you run over an animal, you can legally take it home and cook it for dinner. A law passed in 1998 lets drivers keep their road kill, as long as they report it within 12 hours. According to supporters of the new law, the state will save money that had been used to have Highway Division employees remove dead animals from the road.

Monday's Special is Buzzard Pick'ns !

Fresh run overs from yesterday.
These were all drivers choice from yesterday and today it's your choice of pick'n leftovers. Most all pick'ns have been ground or tenderized with your favorite tread. All pick'ns are served up with red sauce. Don't miss out on today's special, make your reservations now as pick'ns are slim.
Tuesday's Calorie Counters Delight

Serving up today is the other white meat for those watching their waists instead of the road. Plated with pine needle garnishments.There is such an abundance of the other white meat we have opted to serve this buffet style "ALL YOU CAN EAT". This super low calorie meal will be served starting at lunch to ensure that the meat is fresh from the dark hours of the morning.
Wednesday's Special
Chunky Mexican Chew-wa-wa dip.

This is an all time favorite dish being served up today.

Tortilla fresh from the grill will accompany this extraordinary tasty dip. Note: ( all indentifing tags were removed prior to placing the ingredients into the blender, no metal shavings)
Thursday's Special
Pecan laced Squirrel Crackl'ns !

Our next dish is intended for those who love fried foods. Deep Fat Fried to that crispy tenderness and fried flavor we all love. Finger lick'n good and tender to the bone.
Friday..... Road Huntin Trip
It appears that on next weeks menu will be the favorite of most:

Details to follow later. You're Road House Menu Coordinator !

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