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Jeff Cheatham        Jcheatham@mmmfg.com
2005 John Deere Gator
For Sale- $4800

2005 ,2 wheel drive , back tires are brand new , seats are less than 6 months old.
Head lights do not work and it needs a tune-up , starts and runs just wonít idle
It was on my Mom & Dads 5 acres for 7 yrs never left , Dad past and mom doesnít need it.
Itís located in Alvarado Tx. Txt 817-821-5255 or

email me: Jcheatham@mmmfg.com

Click image for larger view.
John Deere Gator

250 gallon smoker on custom trailer

Email- roofingindfw@yahoo.com

Smoker $1900.00

Six older 1960's Honda Motorcycles "Parts Bikes" for sale as is.
NO titles, bikes have parts missing when aquired, but may be possible to rebuild.
Price for the 6 parts bikes shown-$1,000.00 cash. One additional 1978 Honda 750 to be sold as is, $400.00.OBO
Needs battery, carbs needs rebuilt-fuel runs out of line, believe float is stuck. Clutch slips slightly in 3rd gear. Been sitting for several years. Needs seat.Partially covered-shown with green vinyl cover in group photo.
Email Racer Here

1960's Hondas View 1 1960's Hondas View 2 1960's Hondas View 3
Old Hondas rear view 4 Old Hondas showing also 1978 view 5 Honda showing 1978 view 6   Honda showing 1978 view 7

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